Flying Jews of Israel

At the end of both Parshiot, we have the same Pasuk that says ולא תקיא הארץ, that the land should not vomit you out. Based on this, the Rabbis say that the holy land of Israel cannot tolerate unworthy individuals who do not act in a way that is worthy of meriting being able to live here.

This also is the reason why it's written that anyone who lives in Israel is a Tzaddik. If the land did not reject him, it is a sign that he is worthy of partaking in the holiness of Eretz Yisrael. This worthiness gives the Israeli Jews, the title of Tzaddik.

There is a strange Midrash that says that in future times, the Jews who struggled to live here and remained, will be rewarded in that they will be able to fly! When other immigrants come out of necessity in order to escape and survive, they will also want to fly. The Midrash continues and says that because they were "weighed down" with materialism that prevented them from coming, they are still grounded. They are not on the same level as their brothers and sisters who disconnected themselves from the comforts of the Galut, in exchange for the sanctity of what Israel offers.

Yesterday was 27 with ספירת העומר.