This past week's Parsha also had the verses related to the Holy Ark and how it traveled in the desert. This is the prayer we say when we take out the Torah in Shule.

Moshe Rabbeinu said a prayer that included the words, וינוסו משנאיך מפניך, "May Your enemies be scattered from before You." Rashi asks the question as to whom did Moshe mean when he described G-d's enemies.

Rashi answers the question by making a very strong statement. He says that anyone who hates a Jew, hates G-d. It's as if he is saying, "Jew, you are nothing and your G-d is also nothing!" It is a novel description of what is anti-semitism.

Today there are those that try to claim that they are ONLY anti-Zionist and that does not make them anti-semites. This makes no sense as I see it as a pathetic attempt to smooth over very strong anti Jewish sentiments. I rely on Rashi. One who hates a Jew, hates the G-d of Israel.