Another theme of last week's Parsha, was the concept of נבואה, or prophecy. One of the Thirteen Principles of Faith of the Rambam is that G-d communicates with man by way of prophecy. And included is the belief that Moshe Rabbeinu was the greatest of all the prophets.

The Torah itself describes the nature of Moshe's prophecy in comparison with the other prophets. He was fully awake and could speak with Hashem פנים אל פנים, face to face just as two people carry on a conversation. Other prophets received their prophecy in a dream or went into what looked like an epileptic fit as they received the word of G-d.

Although prophecy ended forty years into the second Temple era, we have merited seeing the fulfillment of prophecy in our lifetimes in Israel. It saddens me that I was not able to get this idea across to the Jews of the Galut that I spoke to in LA. Somehow, they are unable to fully grasp the special times that we are living in.

Happy are we whose eyes are open that allow us to perceive Hashem's abundant blessings as He rebuilds the Third Commonwealth right before our eyes. Open prophecy will return to man with the coming of Mashiach. May he come speedily in our day.