The Aguna 2

There is a second type of Aguna mentioned in Halacha. This is a woman left stranded by her husband who refuses to release her by giving her a גט. Usually this is done because of bad feelings and trying to cause his wife pain.

Obviously, this behavior is frowned upon by the Rabbis. The husband can make a conditional גט which becomes official when the condition is fulfilled. For example, he can ask for money in order for him to divorce her. (A woman is allowed to make her marriage conditional that her husband also do something to make it worthwhile to marry him.)

Beit Din may get involved to "encourage" the husband to give a Get. This is a tricky situation because on the one hand we say if they literally beat him up to convince him to give the גט, we are helping him overcome his יצר הרע. His evil inclination is what is preventing him from doing the right thing. But, on the other hand, they need to be careful because a "Get Me'useh", written with force against the husband's wishes, is not valid.

The best solution is to learn how to get along and stay married. Divorce seems to bring out the ugly side of people. The Aguna problem is a serious one indeed.