Parshat Chukat

This week's Parsha, Chukat, seems to have as one of its themes, the concept of a חוק. Unlike the משפטים, that we view as rational laws, such as murder, stealing, and adultery, the חוק is very difficult to understand.

The של״ה הקודש suggests that we begin with the premise that תורת ה׳ תמימה, the Torah of Hashem is perfect. Rabbi Aharon Rakefet likes the following quote: The Torah is perfect. Those who practice it, are not.

We are asked to show our faith by observing specifically those Mitzvot that we don't understand or comprehend.

There is a Midrash that says that Satan chose four commandments in particular to mock and belittle: The notion that one is forbidden to marry his sister in-law at one time, and at another, namely יבום, he is commanded to marry her. The second is how irrational Shaatnez is where one cannot mix wool and linen. The third is the scapegoat of Yom Kippur, where the goat is thrown off a cliff carrying the sins of the people. And the fourth is the פרה אדומה, the Red Heifer mentioned in the Parsha.

This Parsha reminds us that we must view all Mitzvot as גזירה היא מלפני, it is a decree before Hashem, and we must observe all of the Mitzvot with perfect faith.