Power of a Woman

A final point learned from Korach, is the power of a woman. The Rabbis say, הכל בידי אשה, all is in the hands of a woman. She has the biggest influence over her husband. If she is a righteous woman, her husband will be righteous. If she is evil, her husband will become evil.

The examples were from the wife of Korach and the wife of און בן פלת. Korach's wife incited him to rebel against Moshe and Aharon. The wife of און, convinced her husband that he had nothing to gain by joining the rebellion. She saved his life.

The most moving story was when Rabbi Akiva returned home with 24,000 students and was greeted by his wife, Rachel. He told his students, שלי ושלכם שלה, "all that I am and all that you are, is because of her."