The Haftarah of yesterday's Parsha was all about יפתח הגלעדי, one of the judges of Israel. He was not considered such a saintly person. We say יפתח בדורו כשמואל דורו. Yiftach was the leader in his generation and he was like the Prophet Shmuel in his generation. This means that we get the leaders that we deserve.

If the generation is on a high level, they will get Shmuel. If not, they get Yiftach.

The connection with the Parsha also proves that no deed goes unnoticed. Yiftach rebukes the Emori for their cruelty to עם ישראל when they were in the desert and were not able to pass through their land.

Yiftach was given the task of destroying the Emori, both as punishment for what they did in Moshe's time and for their general evil behavior that made them one of the Seven Nations needed to be removed from our holy land. We must never forget that in the end, there is justice.