Oblivious to Miracles

A story from the Parsha that often is overlooked is called, "שירת הבאר", the song of the well. It is a celebration of a miracle where the Jewish people were saved from great tragedy.

The incident is only alluded to indirectly in the text of the Torah. The Jewish people were traveling along a little river with high mountains above them. The enemy was above them in the mountains and they were "sitting ducks" below, unaware of the danger above them.

Hashem, in his mercy, brought the two mountains together and crushed the potential attackers. The Jews realized what had happened when they noticed all of the corpses in the water. They sang praises to G-d when they realized what had transpired.

The message for us is that we, too, are often oblivious to Hashem's protection and miracles each and every day. If we were more aware, we would be much more calm and at peace knowing just how well we are being looked after by Hashem.