Walk Humbly With Hashem

Shavua Tov. The Haftarah for today ends with an important message. The Prophet Michah deals with the question as to what is Hashem's definition of Good. The translation is as follows: What does Hashem require of you but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your G-d.

The Hebrew for "Walk humbly" is והצנע לכת, adding the idea of צניעות in all of the ways that we conduct ourselves. It seems that this צניעות is the ingredient that binds one's good traits. Even when we are doing acts of kindness and justice, they should be done in a quiet, modest kind of way.

This is what is necessary for our Mitzvot to bear fruit. We quietly go our way trying to do what is right in the eyes of G-d without seeking honor and recognition. This is Hashem's definition of Good. Humility, ענוה, and not haughtiness and conceit, גאוה.