The Enemy from Within

This Shabbat's Haftarah was the second of seven Haftarot of comfort following Tisha B'Av. There is a very strong Pasuk in today's text that is worth remembering.

The Prophet Isaiah tells us מהרסיך ומחריביך ממך יצאו, that the destroyers and damagers of Klal Yisrael will come from within. In other words, historically, our troubles always begin from Jewish traitors who turn us over to the enemy, and help fan the flames of hatred against us.

The של״ה הקודש says that this enemy from within is the Eirav Rav or mixed multitude. He blames Moshe Rabbeinu for accepting these questionable converts during the exodus from Egypt. Hashem was not in favor of letting them in but deferred to Moshe.

The strong lesson here is that it becomes very dangerous when people believe that they are more compassionate than the Torah. Hashem is perfection as are His laws. We need to learn these lessons that have had very serious consequences for us. Shavua Tov