The Meisit

Yesterday's Parsha discusses the subject of the מסית. He is one incites people to worship idols or to turn away from observing the Mitzvot.

The Meisit is a very dangerous individual and we are to come down very hard on him. We are not to cover up for him and we are to find the toughest and meanest judges. Judges who fit this description are either grumpy old men or childless judges. If found guilty of such incitement, they are put to death by the court.

On a radio program this past Friday, the rabbi spoke of the מסיתים of today. He said that so much care must be taken to put our children in the best possible environment. Otherwise, the numerous מסיתים that are in the world today, might incite innocent souls and take them away from Torah. Unfortunately, there are numerous choices that young people have that appear to be more exciting than Torah Judaism. Again, the Torah which is for all ages, gives us fair warning about giving proper guidance to our children.