Now that the month of Elul has begun and we blow the Shofar each morning, and add the prayer, לדוד ה׳ אורי, it is time to begin reflecting on the task ahead. We are to feel grateful to Hashem that He gives us the opportunity to start over again by doing Teshuva.

Sometimes it seems redundant that time passes so quickly and the Chagim are already upon us. Nevertheless, the seriousness and intensity of what lies ahead, should not be taken lightly.

The real issue is that we must never take anything for granted and that all that we have is because of Hashem's kindness. His חשבונות and calculations are far beyond our comprehension. The more we rely on Hashem, the more we feel His closeness and protection.

If Rosh Hashana is called the יום הדין, it's because every creation is being judged and his fate is being decided at this time of year. I thought it worthwhile that we begin to have the mindset necessary for this coming season. May we all be written and inscribed for a healthy and happy new year as we do sincere Teshuva.