Shavua Tov. I found an interesting Pasuk from the Book of Mishlei that is appropriate for this holiday season. It is from Chapter 17 verse 1. It reads as follows:

"Better a dry piece of bread with peace in it than a house full of contentious celebrations." The interpretation is given by the Malbim who says that worldly success may be an illusion. A pauper with a tranquil home is more fortunate than a wealthy person, whose home is filled with strife.

At this time, we are to give serious reflection on what is truly important in life. Many chase rainbows and believe that wealth is the answer to everything. They somehow are unable to count their blessings and realize how wealthy they really are by having Shalom Bayit and a home filled with love and harmony.

The statement that money can't buy happiness should be taken very seriously. This is the time when we must do some serious soul searching to be certain that we get our priorities right and focus on the important and throw out the unimportant.