מי שענה

There is a section of סליחות that is repeated each day that begins with the words, מי שענה. There is a long list of biblical characters who were answered by Hashem in times of crisis.

We mention Moshe on Mount Sinai, Avraham in the fiery furnace, Yitzchak at the Akeida, along with many others. The purpose of this section is to remind us of how Hashem answers the prayers of the righteous and to all who call out to Him in truth.

Human nature plays tricks with us and doesn't allow us to fully grasp how much Hashem is there for us. Too often I see situations where we witness our own little miracle of salvation. And instead of rejoicing with it, we acknowledge it but then worry how we will overcome the next challenge sent our way.

That little miracle of seeing a loved one recover from an illness, or someone falling in love with his intended, or miraculously being given the gift of being able to live in Israel, are not small things. They are indications of Hashem's love and protection.

In our own way, when we witness our own מי שענה, that Hashem answers us, it should certainly give us the peace of mind that just as He is with us now, He will always be with us and never forsake us.