Shavua Tov. Among the numerous laws mentioned in today's Parsha, is the law of Shatnez, forbidding a mixture of wool and linen.

This Mitzva is known as a חוק, one that we are not meant to understand its reason. &&Some say that separating wool and linen is learned from Cain and Abel. Cain, representing the linen as he was a farmer, and Abel, the wool, as he handled the sheep. This is an answer but not really that clear.

The של״ה הקודש gives an interesting answer by scrambling the letters of the word, שעטנז. He says that the same five letters of the word שעטנז, spells, "שטן עז", which means that Satan is strong when one wears Shatnez.

So be careful to check your suits for this forbidden mixture. For although we don't truly understand its reasons, its ramifications could be serious.

And, our group has a licensed Shatnez checker among its members. How convenient!