Another observation made by the של״ה הקודש in connection with the Parsha is the importance of telling the truth. He says that Hashem hates שקר and all types of falsehood.

There are laws related to proper weights and measures as an example of honesty. The returning of a lost article also involves the integrity to do the right thing. The same could be said regarding the taking of interest.

There are laws in the Parsha dealing with not lying about the integrity of one's new wife and bringing a bad name on her. And there are rules about fulfilling one's vows.

The Torah explicitly says מוצא שפתיך תשמור, that one must guard his lips.

It is fitting that the Parsha ends with עמלק who are the epitome of falsehood.

Shlomo Hamelech once said that he would rather forego all of his wealth than say a word of falsehood. And the Rambam says that a false oath, even though it does not carry with it כרת or a death penalty, is considered a severe violation.

In short, we must take great care to always be truthful.