All is Written

Shavua Tov. In today's Parsha, האזינו, we have three words that describe Hashem; צדיק וישר הוא, He is righteous and He is just.

On this Pasuk, the Gemara in מסכת תענית says that this teaches the following: When an individual leaves this world, all of his deeds from his whole life are brought before him. He is told that he did this and this particular action. He is reminded the day and place where this event occurred. He responds that all of these events are true as they were brought to him. He praises the Heavenly court for having judged him accurately. This is alluded to in תהילים when it says, למען תצדק בדברך, in order that you will justify the judgement with your words.

This is certainly applicable to the עשרת ימי תשובה when we realize that all that we do is written and nothing escapes Hashem. This should motivate us in the coming days to do a complete repentance to achieve atonement for our sins so that we be inscribed for a happy and healthy new year.