Our Challenge to G-d

Shavua Tov. Today's Parsha made it clear that there will be abundant blessings if we follow the ways of Hashem, and horrible curses and punishments, if we do not listen.

There is an interesting Pasuk that seems to allow us to challenge Hashem. When it says, השקיפה ממעון קדשך מן השמים וברך את עמך ישראל, that Hashem should look upon us from His heavenly dwelling place, and bless His nation, Israel.

Rashi quotes the Midrash in the ספרי and says that we are actually saying to Hashem in a somewhat demanding way, "We did that which was decreed upon us. Now it's Your turn to fulfill Your promises." We are entitled to rain its proper time, and all of the other blessings of abundance.

We must remember that for the nation, this declaration was made twice every seven years. It followed our announcing that for the past three years, we were meticulous in taking all of the proper tithes and we forgot nothing. If we are able to say this, we can ask Hashem to do His part.

But the Kohanim say this every morning after Bircat Kohanim. They similarly ask for Hashem's blessings after they did their job of blessing the people. May we all be worthy of Hashem's abundant blessings.