Slavery and Silence

Shavua Tov. Rabbi Soloveitchik makes an interesting observation about the nature of slavery. He says that there is a strong connection between slavery and silence.

When a slave believes he is doomed to a life of slavery, he silently accepts his fate. He becomes stuck in his predicament and sees no way out.

When עם ישראל began to cry out to Hashem and no longer remained silent, it was the beginning of their redemption. Hashem heard their cries and sent them a redeemer.

The same principle applies to relationships. Many are stuck in their own silence and feel doomed to suffer in an oppressive relationship. They resign themselves into thinking that they were meant to suffer their abuse in silence.

They must get help and believe that if they cry out to Hashem, He will hear their cries and send them a שליח to free them of their bondage. The end to slavery is the end to silence.