Women and Olam Haba

The Talmud in מסכת ברכות seems to imply that women will have an easier path to עולם הבא than men. It says that the promise of Olam Haba that Hashem promised was meant more for the women than the men.

A Pasuk is quoted from Isaiah that speaks of נשים שאננות, confident women. The ticket to Olam Haba and this confidence comes when a woman goes to the trouble of bringing her children to the Synagogue. It also comes when a wife waits for her husband to come home from the study hall. She has great merit for encouraging her husband to learn Torah.

The Rabbis say גדול המעשה מן העושה, greater is the “Me’aseh”, the facilitator, than the one actually doing the action. For such noble efforts, women are promised their share of the next world.