Lessons from the Manna

The discussion of the Manna in the Torah has important lessons for us. We are to learn what our attitude should be about Parnassa, earning a livelihood.

We are taught that Hashem dislikes hoarders. Those who had faith in Hashem, had the מן come to their doorstep. The less the faith, the further they needed to go to gather it in.

Overall, the Jewish people showed a very strong commitment to Hashem. They were fed this food for the entire time in the desert. It was an incredible level of commitment that the Jewish people were sustained in such an uncertain way.

We are to realize that we are given what we are supposed to be given. We cannot force the issue. We should not worry about someone taking away our livelihood. If we take this attitude that ultimately we have what we are supposed to have, we will have much more peace of mind and happiness.