Important Role of Jewish Women

Shavua Tov. The role the women played in Egypt was very significant. The Rabbis say משום נשים צדקניות נגאלו ממצרים, because of righteous women, we were redeemed from Egypt.

Miriam played a major role in convincing her father, Amram, to take back his wife, which led to the birth of Moshe. She recognized Moshe’s uniqueness from his birth. She looked after him in the bulrushes.

Yocheved joined Miriam as the primary midwives to Paroh. They defied his edict and saved Jewish babies. They merited that the Kehuna descended from Yocheved and kings from Miriam.

All the Jewish women were credited with keeping up the morale of the men. After coming home from being beaten up as slaves, the women gave their husbands hope and encouragement that the Redemption will soon come.

It is also said later in the story of the daughters of צלפחד, that the women loved Eretz Yisrael more than the men.

We are always to be aware of the important women play in Jewish life.