There is an overall principle that is learned from the Egypt experience. Hashem generally acts by way of טבע, in a natural manner. He does not expose His actions in an outward manner unless there is no choice.

Egypt was one of those situations where it became necessary for the עם to recognize beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Hand of G-d. This was because, it was the beginning of nationhood and all doubts of Hashem’s involvement needed to be made clear. There was no choice but to have clear undisputed miracles.

However, in general, Hashem acts in quiet ways. There are miracles taking place every day, but all in a natural manner. It is for us to appreciate and recognize these daily miracles.

In situations where there is a threat to the survival of our people, we will see למעלה מן הטבע, above nature. One such example was Eliyahu at Har Hacarmel with his showdown with the false prophets of Baal. A supernatural miracle was needed then in order to stabilize עם ישראל.