Torah Study

Shana Tova. A greeting at this time is חורף טוב, a good winter. Today we celebrated the completion of the Torah. This coming Shabbat is פרשת בראשית, when we start the Torah again.

When the sixth day of creation was completed, the Torah refers to it as יום השישי with an extra ה at the beginning of the word.

Our commentators explain that this ה refers to חמשה חומשי תורה, the five books of the Torah. Creation would not have been worthwhile without the Torah.

We are to appreciate this incredible gift that we Jews live by. The Torah is the source for that which is meaningful in this world.

Rabbi Soloveitchik described the magical effect that intense Torah study has on an individual.

“The Torah becomes absorbed into one’s very being. His personality, purified by his study, combines with sanctified inspiration. A mysterious intuition becomes a source for creativity.”

There is definitely something so special about Torah study when studied with great Kavana. Let this year be one where we all increase our study and love for Torah.