Accountability and Laws

At the end of Parshat בראשית, Hashem expresses His disappointment with man’s nature. He expresses regret in having created man.

The lesson to be learned is that it is extremely difficult to control the יצר הרע, the evil inclination. It is also attesting to the fact that when man is left alone without accountability, he will generally make the wrong decisions and self destruct.

It becomes abundantly clear that man needs some kind of system of reward and punishment in order to survive. True, there are individual Tzadikiim that appear and shine in the most difficult times, but the masses are not that way.

Hashem gives mankind the Seven Noachide Laws as a minimum basis for every society to live by. The Jews were given 613 Mitzvot in order to attain holiness.

This reality of the need for laws and accountability, cries out even louder today when there is such a lack of morals and principles.