Real Angels

Shavua Tov. Rabbeinu Bechaye’s commentary was written around 800 years ago. He needed to address a challenge even in his day as to whether the story of Avraham Avinu and the angels, actually happened.

Many assumed that it was not to be taken literally but it reflected a dream that Avraham may have had. Many found the idea of angels taking on the form of men, too difficult to believe.

Rabbeinu Bechaye’s answer was that Lot also had an experience of the angels visiting him as well. It could be assumed that Avraham was on a level to have such a lofty dream. But certainly Lot was not on that level.

Apparently, it was Lot who described his remarkable experience. Therefore, concludes Rabbeinu Bechaye, that the story of the angels really happened and is to be taken literally.