Intolerable Sins

Upon discussing the sin that tipped the scale against the דור המבול, the generation of the flood, it was stealing that sealed their fate.

It was as if Hashem was saying, I can handle it if you turn against Me, but I cannot handle it when you turn against each other.

The generation of the Tower of Bavel, known as דור הפלגה, were spared because there was unity among them.

The main transgression that finished off Sodom, was the ugliness of selfishness and cheapness. They were unable to show any sign of kindness and giving. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt because she was too cruel to even share a little bit  of salt with the poor.

We are to learn from these examples what are considered intolerably negative personality traits. We must show kindness, consideration, and generosity towards our fellow Jews.