Akeidat Yitzchak

There is one aspect of Akeidat Yitzchak that often gets overlooked. It probably represents the uniqueness of this act of faith and why it stands out among all acts of selflessness and commitment to Hashem.

Avraham Avinu is instructed to offer his son on אחד ההרים אשר אמר אליך, “On one of the mountains that I will tell you.” The Torah never gave specific instructions as to which mountain the Akeida took place.

Avraham knew this by way of prophecy. And one is only able to achieve prophecy if he is in a state of joy. This means that at the time when Avraham received the most difficult and illogical request, he did it in a state of joy and ecstasy.

This was what made the Akeida so special. It was the way that Avraham accepted Hashem’s directions.

We should also strive to observe the Torah with joy and happiness as exemplified by Avraham and the Akeida.