Clothing of Adam and Eve

Rabbeinu Bechaye brings a well known Midrash regarding the clothing that Hashem made for Adam and Eve after their sin. They are referred to as כתנות עור, robes of leather. The Midrash says that in the future, they will be known as כתנות אור, robes of light, when the world will be on a higher spiritual level.

These garments had images of birds and were given to Cain as a gift from his father. They were later taken by the power hungry Nimrod. Later, Eisav killed Nimrod and used the garments as a hunting device. Apparently, animals were attracted to the garments which made them easy to capture.

Whether this Midrash sounds a little hard to understand or not, we do see Hashem’s abundant Chesed. Even after Adam and Eve had sinned, Hashem did not forsake them. We must appreciate that Hashem’s kindness knows no bounds.