The subject of dreams is dealt with in depth at the end of מסכת ברכות. There are many opinions as to how to deal with them.

One opinion is that it is best not to talk about a troubling dream. It may be best to put it to rest. This is because, often the way it is interpreted has an effect on its coming into being.

Often dreams are a reflection on what has transpired during the previous day. Therefore, the Rabbis give more attention to dreams before waking in the morning rather than those at the beginning of the evening.

There are times that we are deeply troubled by a dream we may have had. If this happens, there are three possible solutions. One can declare a תענית חלום, a fast, on the morning it occurs-even if it is on Shabbat. Secondly, one can ask three close friends to take part in a ceremony known as הטבת חלום, found in many Siddurim. And a final simpler solution is to recite a short prayer while the Kohanim are blessing the people.

All three of these procedures are meant to nullify the negative aspects of the dream.

May all of our good and happy dreams come true!