Dreams and Birkat Kohanim

Regarding dreams and Birkat Kohanim, there is a big difference in the way the Priestly blessing is recited in Israel and outside of Israel.

For Ashkenazi Jews, ברכת כהנים is said approximately 450 times a year. In חוץ לארץ it is said about ten times a year. When it is said on those ten occasions, before the end of each of the three blessings, there is a traditional melody that is sung by the Kohanim (usually very off key!).

The reason for stretching out the ברכת כהנים in חוץ לארץ, was to give time to the congregation to say the more lengthy version of cancellation of dreams, during this singing.

In Israel, we do not need to wait for one of the festivals to hear ברכת כהנים. Therefore, we recite one paragraph beginning with the words, אדיר במרום to nullify our dreams. We also have the option of a shorter prayer where we make a more direct request of Hashem to turn bad dreams into good ones.