Surviving Galut

In פרשת וישלח, we learn how we are to deal with an oppressive רשע, evil person. The Rabbis say, מותר להחניף רשע בעולם הזה, that it is permitted to flatter an evil person in this world. Yakov’s handling of Eisav had hints as to how we were to cope with our long, horrible exile.

When Yakov sent gifts to עשו, he told his servants, רוח תשימו, make a space or gap between one gift and another. Yakov was asking Hashem in a way, to give breaks to עם ישראל between one difficult period and another in our exile.

When Yakov divided his camp into two, Yakov was asking that when we were in Galut, if Jews had it bad in one part of the world, things would be easier for Jews in another part of the world.

We are also taught that when Yakov bowed seven times before Eisav, he would one day rise above him.

Our Galut has been long and bitter. Finally, today we live in a world where there is no religious persecution for Jews anywhere. This seems to be a clear sign that the Galut is ending and Mashiach is knocking on the door. All we need to do, is let him in. Shabbat Shalom