Know Hashem In All Your Ways

At the end of מסכת ברכות, there is a quote from בר קפרא who says that there is one Pasuk in Mishlei that contains all of the basics of the entire Torah.

The Pasuk says,” בכל דרכיך דעהו והוא יישר ארחותיך״ which means that in all your ways, you shall know Him, and He will straighten your ways.

The explanation comes primarily from the Rambam in הלכות דעות. We are to condition ourselves to the point where apparent mundane activities, are, in reality, all acts of serving and recognizing Hashem.

Such acts as eating, sleeping, and exercising, are made holy when we have the right intent. We are doing these activities with the purpose of making ourselves strong, so that we will be able to better serve Hashem.

We are to “walk in the ways of Hashem” and not crawl. Even when we conduct our business, we maintain this awareness that we are to conduct ourselves according to the dictates of the Torah.

This is how we fulfill the idea of “knowing” Hashem in all of our ways. He will straighten our ways as we live in a manner in which Hashem is consciously with us all hours of the day.