Yakov’s Burial

A major theme of פרשת ויחי, is the חסד we are commanded to do in this world. The greatest חסד, is the חסד של אמת we do in caring for the dead.

We learn of the end of Yakov Avinu’s life, and how important it was to him that his burial wishes would be honored.

He said that it was important to him that he be buried with other Tzaddikim. He also requested that only his family members would be allowed to carry his remains.

Ironically, the sons that became the twelve tribes of Israel in the desert, carried Yakov’s body exactly as they camped. Three sons carried Yakov in each direction. For example, Yehuda, Yissachar, and Zevulun, were on the east side. So there were three in front, three in back, and three on each side.

Rabbeinu Bechaye also clarified that the highest level of charity one can do, is care for one’s parents in life and in death. Shabbat Shalom