Chanukah in the Torah

There are a few hints about Chanukah in the Torah. The first is that the twenty-fifth word in the Torah is “אור” and Chanukah takes place on the twenty fifth day of Kislev.

A second reference comes from פרשת מסעי where the travels of the Jews are mentioned. The twenty fifth place visited was called “חשמונה” which sounds like the חשמונאים.

And a final reference comes from the Ramban in פרשת בהעלותך. Hashem sees that Aharon is a little sad at the dedication ceremonies of the Mishkan. All twelve tribes had special sacrifices on each of the twelve inauguration days. The Kohanim did not have a role to play. Hashem consoles Aharon by telling him that there will be a holiday in the future when the Temple will be re-dedicated. All of this will be because of the heroism of Aharon’s descendants, the חשמונאים.