שבועת ה׳

I am about to board my return flight from LA.

It is interesting how the Torah uses the idea of a שבועה, an oath, as a means of getting to the truth.

There are situations where it is difficult to get to the truth. For example, if someone is paid to guard something for someone, and that object is claimed to have been destroyed due to an unforeseen accident, a שבועה must be made by the watchman to be certain that there was no foul play. The Torah says that שבועת ה׳ תהיה ביניהם, there should be an oath of G-d that he did not act in a deceitful way.

There is sometimes a situation of one’s word against another. The שבועה that should be accompanied with fear of Heaven, is enough proof that that individual is telling the truth. How could a G-d fearing Jew possibly tell a lie in G-d’s name.

This system worked during the time of the Torah and Talmud. I would like to believe such a system would also work today.