Shavua Tov. Today’s Haftara discusses the Beit Hamikdash built by Shlomo Hamelech and the 150,000 laborers that he used to get it done.

I often point to the significance of Kings l, Chapter six verse one, as being an important connector in understanding the timeline of Jewish history. The Pasuk simply tells us that it came to pass at the end of 480 years from the exodus from Egypt, that the Temple of Shlomo was completed.

This number of 480 also tells us the number of years that the Mishkan was in operation. We know that the Mishkan stood in Shilo for 369 years as well as Gilgal, Nov, and Givon.

The 480 helps us get to the year 5778 if we start with 2448 as the year we left Egypt. We add the 480 plus 410, the number of years of the first Temple, plus 70, the prophecy of Jeremiah as to how long of an exile between the two temples, and 420, the number of years of the second Temple.

So, remember 480 as a very important number in Jewish history.