I Don’t Deserve That

Recently, I was called upon to console a student who was having a difficult time coping with life. In desperation, he said, “I don’t deserve all of this.”

While I tried to show compassion and understanding for this person’s plight, it occurred to me that something was wrong here.

It is a great lack of faith to ever say, “I don’t deserve this.” Such a statement implies a dissatisfaction with the way that Hashem is running the world.

It is important to realize that Hashem owes us nothing and we are not entitled to understand how Hashem conducts our lives. We must remind ourselves that Hashem is the ultimate of justice, even though it’s difficult, at times to see it.

Similarly, we are to feel the same with the blessings we receive from Hashem. The goal in acquiring happiness and peace of mind, is accepting with love, everything that comes our way. This is how we gain humility. And humility is the most admirable of all personality traits.