Mordechai- Not Approved By All

The point of the Megillah that is most striking to me, is the very last Pasuk. It says that Mordechai was viceroy to אחשורוש, and he was רצוי לרב אחיו, and he found favor among MOST of his brethren.

The Talmud in מסכת מגילה makes a point of saying לרב אחיו אבל לא לכל אחיו. Most of the Jews approved of Mordechai’s tactics that led to his great ascent. However, despite the great salvation that he brought to the Jewish people, he was second guessed. This is just another indication that leading עם ישראל is no small task. Even when there was a happy ending and great celebration, there were those who probably didn’t like Mordechai’s style.

He was too provocative. He insulted Haman instead of bowing to him. Maybe he even made nicknames like “lying Haman”, or “sloppy Haman”, or even “crooked Haman.” Maybe he and his students shouted at Haman and said, “lock him up!”

He was questioned because they didn’t like his methods. And even when he brought results and lowered taxes and made life significantly easier for the Jews, he was still ridiculed. Isn’t interesting how history repeats itself? Purim Sameach and Shabbat Shalom