Yitro and Amalek

Shavua Tov from LA. Rabbi Soloveitchik points out that there are actually two kinds of gentiles in the world. They are either like Yitro or Amalek.

What the two types have in common is that they both admire and are impressed with the Jewish people. In Yitro’s case, this admiration leads to befriending the Jews or even converting to becoming part of עם ישראל.

In the case of Amalek, their being impressed with the Jews, leads to hatred and the desire to exterminate every Jew.

The Rav refers to Amalek as Satan-man, and Yitro as the Archbishop of Midyan. We must be aware of this reality. Thankfully, as we come closer to the גאולה, is acquiring more and more admirers. But we must also keep our eyes open to the Amalekite attitude that still tears its ugly head in the world.