Among the laws mentioned in פרשת משפטים is the Mitzva to lend money to the poor. If one is blessed with excess money, he should see it as his duty to help the less fortunate with a loan.

Rabbi Soloveitchik comments that the wealthy man should be fully aware that the roles could easily be reversed. If fate would be different, he could be the one in need of the loan.

The Rav further says that historically, Jews have fared poorly when given great wealth. He goes so far as to say that when people acquire great wealth, they become like animals. They become arrogant, forget about Hashem, and act haughtily.

Jews have done better in poverty. They are much more motivated and the drive for survival is accompanied with faith, humility, and a dependence on G-d.

As it says in ארחות צדיקים, money can be a test, a curse or a blessing. May we blessed with wealth that is only a blessing. Shabbat Shalom