In Its Time

One final word on the Haftarah from Shabbat. There is a clear proof to the words of ישעיהו, בעיתה אחישנה, in its time I will hurry it. The idea here is that Mashiach can come in two ways. If we deserve it, Hashem will hurry it. And if we don’t deserve it, Mashiach will come in its time.

Yechezkel says on more than one occasion that Hashem is not rebuilding the House of Israel, because we deserve it. He is doing it because of His concern for His holy name, desecrated among the nations.

It says clearly, לא למענכם אני עושה בית ישראל כי אם לשם קדשי. I am not rebuilding the House of Israel for your sake, but for the sake of My holy name.

It says further בושו לכם, you should be ashamed of your actions. But ואחמול על שם קדשי, I had pity on My holy name.

Clearly, we are living in the period of בעתה, in its time, and not ואחישנה, I will hurry it.