Bedtime Advice

There is an interesting Halacha brought in the קיצור שלחן ערוך worth repeating. After going through the laws of Davening Maariv, there is a section titled, סדר הלילה, the order for the evening.

The Kitzur recommends that it’s a good idea to learn Torah after Maariv, and choose foods that will not interfere with a peaceful night’s sleep.

This special Halacha further says that any G-d fearing Jew should do the following: Before bed, he should review his day’s activities. If he realizes he did an עבירה, he should confess and show true remorse with a full heart. He should pay particular attention to foolishness, Lashon Hara, lying, and flattery. And finally, it is also a good idea to forgive anyone who may have wronged him. Excellent bedtime advice.