Three Torahs

This Shabbat is unusual as we read from three ספרי תורה. In addition to ראש חודש, we read פרשת החודש that discusses some of the basic laws connected with the Pesach holiday.

We also begin the book of ויקרא that is also known as תורת כהנים. Temple and sacrificial laws make up a big part of ספר ויקרא.

Rabbi Soloveitchik discusses the deeper idea behind the offering of sacrifices. The Torah is certainly opposed to human sacrifices. Yet, living according to the Torah, means living a sacrificial life. To live morally, is sacrificial action.

Man must offer to Hashem, everything he possesses. He must be prepared to return all that is given to him.  He must return his mind, body, and spirit, to Hashem, as well.

Man sacrifices himself by withdrawing from arrogance and self centeredness. It is also important to acknowledge that even one’s wisdom is not his. It, too, belongs to Hashem.

Living and recognizing all of this, is how we truly live a sacrificial life. Shabbat Shalom