Personal Pesach Cleaning

The Rabbis make a point of reminding us what the overall purpose of Pesach cleaning really is. Just as we are careful to search every crack and crevice for חמץ, we also need to make a personal internal search.

In the midst of frantic cleaning and preparations for the Chag, we somehow steer away from the spiritual.

The Chametz is the symbol of haughtiness and conceit. Hashem has no patience for the arrogant. He is greatness and perfection. Man is not.

Just as we remove the Chametz, we are to search and remove our own negative personality traits. We should work on anger, jealousy, competitiveness, sadness, and self pity. We need to clean ourselves of all undesirable behaviors. If we can do this, we will fulfill the true purpose of our Pesach cleaning.