Parshat Tzav and Pesach

This week’s Parsha is צו, that corresponds with שבת הגדול. Rabbi Soloveitchik points out that this Parsha is always read close to the Pesach holiday.

There is a connection alluded to in the Parsha, to Pesach preparations. There is a discussion regarding the vessels used in preparing the various קרבנות.

If an earthenware vessel was used, it cannot be kashered and must be broken. The Torah speaks of the use of a כלי נחושת, a copper vessel. If the קרבן was cooked in such a vessel, it must be rinsed and purged in the manner known as הגעלה. This needed to be done after each sacrifice.

Our Pesach preparations require us to also do הגעלה if we wish to use silverware and utensils used throughout the year. Earthenware vessels such as china, may not be kashered. These vessels only absorb tastes and cannot be removed with הגעלה. This procedure does work with metal vessels.

This is all alluded to in this week’s Parsha.