The Spiritual Request Accompanying בדיקת חמץ

Tonight we do בדיקת חמץ. It should be done at the beginning of the evening after צאת הכוכבים after 7:20. One makes a Bracha על ביעור חמץ, on the burning of Chametz and not על בדיקת חמץ, on searching, as the process is completed with the burning on Friday morning.

We do declarations of ביטול both in the evening and in the morning. We proclaim that any Chametz that we might have in our possession that we do not know about or we may have neglected, should be considered like the dust of the earth.

It is also a good idea to place close attention to the יהי רצון that follows this declaration. We ask Hashem to allow us to merit searching the blemishes of our souls, where we stumbled due to the influence of the יצר הרע. We ask that we be inspired to do a complete תשובה. We ask for Hashem’s mercy and His help in being certain that we distance ourselves from the prohibition of חמץ in any form.

We must not forget the spiritual message of Pesach along with all of the physical work that we do. Chag Kasher Vesameach to you and yours.