Two Sides of Fence

There is a very Pasuk in yesterday’s Haftarah. Eliyahu Hanavi has a showdown with the prophets of Baal. There are many Jews who cannot make up their minds and worship both Hashem and Baal. Eliyahu needs to prove that Baal is false and Hashem is true. He says the following: עד מתי אתם פוסחים על שתי הסעיפים, “How long will you straddle both sides of the fence?” If Hashem is true, worship Him. If Baal, worship it.

The message here is very powerful. Many people are very torn between two worlds- the secular and the religious. They think it’s possible to live in both worlds. Such a belief creates turmoil and confusion.

Obviously, we need to function in the real world. But our priority needs to be to live Judaism 24/7. Then one has a much more clear understanding of his purpose in the world. Hashem is his guide and he knows how to live his life.

Straddling the fence is not a solution. We must heed the rebuke of אליהו הנביא.