Live Humbly in Exile

The Gemara in מסכת תענית on 10b makes a very strong point in our dealings with non-Jews. This is learned from what Yakov told his sons when the seven years of famine began.

He told his sons, “למה תתראו״, which is translated as,”Why should you be afraid?” The Gemara gives a different explanation to say the following: Do not show yourselves that you are filled up-not before Eisav and not before Yishmael.

Eisav and Yishmael do not have food. You should not arouse their jealousy because you have plenty and they have less.

This is an important source for how Jews are supposed to act when living among Gentiles. We are never allowed to flaunt our wealth in order to cause jealousy. We are to live as humble guests if we live outside of Israel. Humility is important everywhere but especially in Chutz L’Aretz.