True Amalek

The Gemara in מסכת ברכות brings a case where a convert from עמון asks the סנהדרין if he’s allowed to marry a Jewish girl.

He was asking whether the prohibition of לא יבוא עמוני ומואבי בקהל ה׳ applied to him. If he was considered a true עמוני, he would only be allowed to marry another convert or ממזרת. His real question was whether he was considered an actual עמוני or, perhaps, there was so much mixing of the nations, this prohibition no longer applies.

After much deliberation and a vote, it was decided that because סנחריב caused a mixing of many nations about a hundred years before חורבן בית שני, there no longer are true עמוני or מואבי or even Amalekites.

Therefore, our enemies can only be described as having Amalekite behavior, but they are not true Amalekite. Maybe this information could tone down some extreme views that are unproductive, and filled with wasted energy.